Florida-Bahamas Synod

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leadershipstyles3The March and April, 2013, Parish Papers are now online. Feel free to share these papers with your congregation in newsletters, bulleitns, in committees and in online communications.

The March Parish Paper discusses "What Leadership Style Works in Our Church?"

Do we want our pastor to motivate, organize, and equip us for ministry, or do we want a pastor who takes the lead in all the ministries for us? Can our pastor have a new vision for the congregation or will some members interpret that new initiative as an inappropriate agenda? Do we publicly support the pastor and other leaders during difficult times of substantial change? As you think about the church’s current needs and your pastor’s gifts, do you see a good match? From your perspective, what are the key pieces for understanding the puzzle of a good match?

The April issue explores "Oral Communication: How to Strengthen Our Effectiveness." 

A congregation’s clergy and members will find that the best way to improve communication is by perfecting their responsive listening skills. Briefly defined, this conversational method enables us to listen to and understand another person—even though we may disagree with some of his or her opinions or behaviors. Sometimes referred to as caring or active listening, responsive listening creates a conversational environment in which people with whom you converse often move toward positive changes in their feelings, attitudes, or behaviors. To begin, ask yourself these three barometer questions: How high is the quality of my listening skill? Do I feel motivated to increase that quality?

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