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Synod Assembly - June 10 - 12, 2016 - Daytona Beach Hilton 

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October 17 - 19, 2016 with Presiding Bishop Eaton




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 Thurs. - Sat. - April 28 - 30 - Region 9 Networks for Mission

 Tues. - May 3- Gulf Coast Colleagues - 10AM

 Sat. - May 21- Panhandle Colleagues - 11AM CDT

 Sat. - May 21 - Heart of Florida Conference Gathering 9AM, Redeemer, Winter Park

 Tues. - May 24- Lake Conf. Colleagues - 9AM

 Sun. - May 29- Installation of Rev. Dennis Schmidt - Shepherd of the Hills, Clermont, 3PM

 Fri. - Sat. - June 3-4 - diakonia Retreat and Graduation

Dear friends,

I reach Haiti yesterday afternoon. It was time for me to finally see things for myself for me not to live in denial anymore. From the DR to the LWF I did not see much of what was going on. I just see a few demolished buildings. This morning I went to Port-au-Prince and from there to Carrefour, and It is the first time in my entire life I've seen so much destructions.

Most of the people whether dead or alive, are still trapped under heavy walls and rubbles. Carrefour being the epicenter of the earthquake is heavily affected.Yet, none of the organization is trying to bring help to the people there. The help only reach those who camp by the road side of Port-au-Prince. Those who live outside the city of Port-au-Prince like in Carrefour needs a lot of help. However, they have not received any kind of help at all. From Port-au-Prince to Carrefour it is not only the odor of the decomposed bodies that would stir any body's heart, but also the way they wait for the people to starve before even bringing something to them. I really feel bad for my Haitian people. Today, thousands of people in Port-au-Price were lined up to get water and some food, but it wasnt organize at all. It was as if they were distributing food to enrage dogs and they were afraid to get bitten by them. By doing so, they were dehumanizing the people. It is heartbroken to see how this people who are affected by so many crises have been treated like that.

Anyhow, I went to Carrefour to check on the people and the church building. None of the church people has died from the earthquake. But most of them have bruises and broken bones. The church building cannot be used anymore. Now, most of the church members are living behind the church building. They are not getting any of the help promised by the government, their only hope is Pastor Eniel. To bring hope for them was like a breath of fresh air. We told them that they are not forgotten, because our friends from the USA are trying their best to alleviate the situation for them. Many kids are now left without any family member. A lot of the people are now paraplegic or have some kind of handicap. Many others are also affected with post traumatic syndrome. Just by seeing the situation in Carrefour, I see that we have a lot to do to help the people. We have to show them that there will be a future in spite of all. The Pastors are greatly affected as well.

Both pastor Eniel and Pastor Denis does not have a place to call home. They felt very blessed when I gave them some money to help them alleviate their living condition for now.

I am sleeping now in the yard of Lutheran World Federation’s office with the boys.

NB: The only problem for us now is transportation. The roads have been cleared from all the rubbles. One of our priorities now is to see if the ELCA can rent a car for us to facilitate a better locomotion as we are going to all the churches to help. Tomorrow I will go to Petit Goave to assess the situation of the church there.

Peace, love and many blessings,

Rev. Livenson

Below are photos of the Lutheran Church in Carrefour and its congregation from 2008: